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Unlocking Growth Opportunities With Dexpose

Strengthening Your Security Offerings

As a forward-thinking Managed Service Provider (MSP), you recognize that the cybersecurity landscape is in constant flux, demanding innovative strategies to protect your clients' sensitive data. DeXpose, our cutting-edge dark web monitoring platform, not only fortifies your security offerings but also opens the door to unprecedented growth possibilities in the ever-evolving digital world.


Unlocking Growth Opportunities For Msps

Embrace the transformative potential of DeXpose as it reshapes the way you engage with clients and expand your business

Instant Client Engagement

Start meaningful conversations with prospective clients almost instantly. Demonstrate the value of dark web monitoring and your commitment to their security, setting a strong foundation for a fruitful partnership.

sales empowement

The Ultimate Sales Empowerment Tool

DeXpose provides a game-changing advantage by offering the most powerful sales tool in the business. You can target new clients based on geo-location, sector, size, and compromise rate. With a single click, you can generate a summarized dark web exposure report that vividly illustrates the risks your potential clients face. This feature streamlines the sales process, impressing clients with your precise understanding of their security needs.

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Expanding Revenue Streams

Integrating DeXpose opens the doors to fresh revenue streams. This cost-effective dark web monitoring solution introduces proactive security measures that resonate with security-conscious clients, enhancing your service portfolio and revenue potential.

profile tools

Live Data Search And Company Profile Tools

Accelerate your sales process using our dynamic tools. Provide clients with real-time risk insights through Live Data Search and Company Profile tools, making a lasting impact that expedites decision-making.

Fortify Customer Retention

Cultivate trust and lasting partnerships by continually delivering value. DeXposes realtime breach alerts showcase your dedication to client protection, fostering long-term relationships and boosting customer retention.

Outpace Your Competitors

Stand out in a competitive market by shielding clients from compromised credential risks. DeXpose offers a distinctive solution, allowing you to attract clients who prioritize proactive security measures

Strengthen Your Security Offerings

While DeXpose presents unprecedented growth avenues, it also substantially enhances your cybersecurity offerings


Comprehensive Dark Web Monitoring

DeXpose offers deep, continuous monitoring of the dark web where cybercriminals trade sensitive information. Provide real-time alerts to clients when their data appears on the dark web, exemplifying your dedication to robust cybersecurity.


Proactive Threat Intelligence

Leverage DeXposes proactive threat intelligence capabilities to anticipate cyber threats. Stay ahead by addressing potential vulnerabilities before they escalate, helping clients fortify their defenses effectively.

Customizable Branding And Reporting

Maintain your brand identity with DeXpose's customizable branding options. Tailor reports to showcase your unique value through comprehensive dark web monitoring.

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Elevate your MSP offerings with DeXpose's advanced dark web monitoring capabilities. Our platform empowers you to provide holistic security solutions that transcend traditional cybersecurity measures. By embracing DeXpose, you're embracing innovation and delivering unmatched value to your clients.

Differentiating Dexpose

Strengthening Your Security Offerings

While DeXpose presents unprecedented growth avenues, it also substantially enhances your cybersecurity offerings


High-Quality Data For Actionable Insights

Our DeXpose Engine processes terabytes of data on a daily basis, meticulously filtering out the noise. This rigorous data refinement ensures that you receive high-quality, actionable insights that genuinely matter to your clients. The result? You can offer your clients intelligence that's both accurate and impactful.


Early Alerts For Proactive Defense

DeXpose isn't just about gathering data; it's about swift action. Our platform gathers data daily, enabling the detection of compromised credentials within days of a breach. This guarantees that your clients receive alerts before cybercriminals have the chance to exploit these credentials again. With DeXpose, your clients are ahead of the curve in proactive defense.


Versatile Modules For Better Protection

Unlike a mere dark web monitoring tool, DeXpose encompasses a range of modules that empower your clients. Beyond monitoring the dark web, we assist in identifying phishing campaigns and monitoring their attack surface. This holistic approach offers multifaceted protection against a wide array of threats.


Affordable In Dark Web Protection

Elevate your clients' cybersecurity without breaking the bank. DeXpose provides topnotch protection against Dark Web risks at a price point that you and your clients will both appreciate. Our monthly and quarterly Digital Risk Review reports highlight the ongoing value of monitoring, reinforcing its importance and facilitating seamless contract renewals.

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