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Addressing this critical gap, DeXpose monitors the dark web, collecting billions of compromised credentials from public breaches and malware logs.


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Comprehensive Credential Analysis

DeXpose collects millions of compromised credentials from public breaches and malware logs.

Red teamers can access this extensive database to check if any of their client's email addresses or usernames have been compromised. By identifying these vulnerabilities in advance, red teamers can prioritize their testing efforts and potentially uncover critical security weaknesses faster.

Tailored Phishing Campaigns

With access to DeXpose data, You can craft more realistic and targeted phishing campaigns.

They can use compromised email addresses and passwords to create convincing spear-phishing emails, increasing the likelihood of successful attacks during engagements. This approach not only speeds up the testing process but also highlights areas where client security awareness training may be needed.


Credential-Based Attacks

Leverage DeXpose data to conduct credential-based attacks more effectively. By identifying weak or reused passwords within a client's organization, they can simulate real-world threat scenarios and demonstrate the potential impact of compromised credentials on the client's security posture. This helps clients understand the urgency of password security improvements.


Client Education

Educate clients about the real-world threats their organizations face. By showcasing the prevalence of compromised credentials on the dark web, red teamers can emphasize the importance of proactive security measures and motivate clients to invest in better cybersecurity practices.

Cost Savings

Reduce engagement costs by optimizing their testing methodologies. With DeXpose data, they can focus on the most critical areas of vulnerability, avoiding unnecessary testing in less impactful areas. This not only saves time but also reduces the overall cost of engagements while delivering better results.


Incorporating DeXpose data into red teaming and penetration testing workflows can significantly enhance the speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of engagements. By leveraging this invaluable resource, red teamers and pentesters can deliver more comprehensive assessments, better results, and ultimately, greater value to their clients.

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